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Stephlereff said:

The negatives:

The game is way too short.  My file read 3:39 after I was done with it.

The combat eventually gets extremely repetitive.  You can put a garbage can over an enemy's head, run them through with a sign post, and whip them repeatedly into a wall of spikes.  Also, you can slice them up with your chainsaw.

The contrived wannabe Running Man story is horrendous.  It tries to make a simple beat 'em up into something more than it is and falls miserably on it's face in this respect.

The commentators' jokes in the background are extremely juvenile and worst of all, not funny.


I would suggest picking up No More Heroes at the same price over this though if you don't have it.  It's a much better game.

I agree that the game is short,however that time exclude cutscene,the time spend in menus (unlike other games) and hard mode.

Anybody can call any game repetitive but you are actually saying this about a beat em up and those games are repetitive by nature...usually you have a button to punch and another to kick and thats pretty much it gameplay wise so i have to ask why buy a button mashing game if you don't like button mashing games? Also you really should have explored more because everything you said can be done in the tutorial,you can throw them out of a window,throw them in a fireplace,throw them in a fishtank full of piranhas and many more (all of this in a single level)

Not a huge fan of the story either but i loved the ending.

This is very subjective and not a real complain about the game itself but just personal taste.

You can say alot of things about No More Heroes like the game is funnier but a better game? No,all you do is spam A so the repetition in combat is actually alot worst,terrible level design,terrible AI (the AI in MW is bad too),worst overworld in video game history (and the game forces you to spend most of your time in it,repetition of the side missions is forced on the player to really beat the game. (etc)

Since you took the time to respond to all of my negative points about the game, I will take the time to respond to your responses.

Concerning the games length; I agree that the time excludes cutscenes and time spent in the menus, but it is an accurate time.  That 3:39 is the amount of actual time that I logged in playing the game.  Cutscenes have always been a way to artificially lengthen a game.

Concerning me calling the game repetitive; you are right.  Any game can be called repetitive, especially a hack and slash.  I should have called the combat monotonous.  You are right about being able to throw an enemy into several different things (windows, piranha tanks, outer space, trains, etc.), but it is still the same act of throwing an enemy.

The ending was just an excuse for Jack to say a catch phrase.  The ending of Far Cry: Vengeance was just as effective.

You're right about my opinion on the commentators being subjective.  This is why it's called an opinion.  Some people may think that Dane Cook is a comic genius (and they are entitled to their opinion) , but I am not one of them.

Yeah.  I do think that No More Heroes is a better game.  There is a lot of spamming of the A button involved, but the finishers are fun to perform by hacking up the opposition with the Wii Remote.  Also, you can use the B button for a beat back attack which dazes the henchman so you can then perform a wrestling move which utilizes both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck.  There is a lot more variety to the attacks in No More Heroes in my opinion.  The level design is simple, but does the job.  The game is about going from point A to point B and killing numerous baddies.  It doesn't need overly elaborate level designs.  The overworld did stink.  I agree with that, but the bosses were much cooler and the dialogue was much better written.  Once again, this is me be subjective.

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