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Domicinator said:
1337 Gamer said:
yeah it happens to most of us eventually. Ive severely cut back throughout the past several years. Both from lack of time and dis interest.

Not me.  I have increased my gaming as I've gotten older.  Played casually as a kid, and got pretty into it by the end of high school.  Quit in college (not by choice, but because I had no hardware to play on).  After college, got right back into it.  I now have a "man room" in my basement complete with a gaming PC, PS3, 360, and HDTV.  When all the stresses of the day are over and family time has come to an end, I'm down here the rest of the night.  I look forward to 2 things all day long:  seeing my wife and son, and playing my games.

Well i plan on playing video games as i grow older still but if my life continues to get busier and busier like it is now the amount of time i spend on gaming will be less. But ill always have a spot for halo in my heart and ill probably always play social slayer halo even when im old and grey.

I mostly play RTS and Moba style games now adays as well as ALOT of benchmarking. I do play other games however such as the witcher 3 and Crysis 3, and recently Ashes of the Singularity. I love gaming on the cutting edge and refuse to accept any compromises. Proud member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. Long Live SHIO!!!!