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Dark Void is an upcoming video game being developed by Airtight Games and published by Capcom on Unreal Engine 3.

In the game players must face an alien threat that humanity had previously banished. The game mixes on-foot and mid-air combat. It also features a unique Vertical Cover system which allows the player to take cover while looking up or down. In one video released by the developer, the main character, Will, is shown flying his jetpack into a generator, and taking cover at the bottom of ledges, firing up at enemies above him.


Developer : Airtight Games
Publisher : Capcom            
Composer : Bear McCreary
Engine : Unreal Engine 3, PhysX, Lightsprint SDK
Platforms : Xbox360, PS3, Microsoft Windows     
Genre : Action, 3rd Person Shooter, Platform       
Mode : Single-Player


Release Date : NA Jan 19, 2010   EU Jan 15, 2010

Plot :

The game's story will center around a cargo pilot named William Agustus Grey who crashes in the Bermuda Triangle. From there, he is teleported to a parallel universe where he encounters other humans, called Survivors. Together, Will and the survivors must battle an alien race known as the Watchers to return to Earth. The Watchers came from afar, making humans do their bidding, whilst being treated as gods. Eventually people known as Adepts emerged and banished the Watchers to the realm in which our pilot is trapped. With the help of Nikola Tesla, they retrofit watcher technology and fight the watchers. Will will have to fight many enemies in order to return to Earth.

Characters :


Will Grey

He is the protagonist in Dark Void




A friend of Will’s who will help you in your adventure to defeat the Watchers and save Earth.



The main female character in the game. Her and Will have a long and storied past.

She serves as the love-interest for Will and at one point they almost got married.

Throughout the course of the game you will learn that there are more twists in their past than is evident on the surface.



The protagonist and hero of the 8-bit Dark Void Zero project (releasing for DSiWare, PC and Mobile platforms), he appears in the console Dark Void as a side-character.

Nikola Tesla (Real Person)


Mystery and intrigue surround the life of genius scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

His electrical experiments and inventions paved the way for many of today’s modern conveniances.

But did they also land him in The Void?

Join forces with Tesla as he reverse-engineers alien technology to make Jet Packs, Airships and other weapons for survival.


The Surviviors


Stuck in the dark and deadly Void, The Survivors are a band of humans fighting for freedom and passage back to Earth.

Can our hero Will and the rest of the survivors rise up to the challenge, overthrow their alien Watcher enslavement and make it out alive? Only time will tell.

The Watchers

An ancient alien race banished to The Void, The Watchers seek to enslave the human race and take over the Earth.

Armed with superior, never-before-seen technology & lethal firepower, they won’t rest until they’ve claimed our world as their own.

Stuck in the dark and deadly Void, The Survivors are a band of humans fighting for freedom and passage back to Earth.

Can our hero Will and the rest of the survivors rise up to the challenge, overthrow their alien Watcher enslavement and make it out alive? Only time will tell.

Gameplay :

Dark Void is a third person shooter in which players must make extensive use of cover to engage enemies, but it adds new elements to the third-person shooter genre; your character will obtain a hover pack in the game, and, though it is not possible to fly using the hover pack due to a lack of fuel, it is possible for Will to make large jumps over and around cover to shoot at opponents. Later in the game, Will acquires a jet pack (with mounted guns), allowing him to fly. While the jet pack can be used at any given time, one's surroundings must be taken into consideration - making contact with a wall or roof while flying results in instant death. One of the more exciting elements is "vertical cover." In the game, players come to locations where they have to fight their way up or possibly down; for example, descending a canyon wall or climbing a large tower. Players will be able to hang under ledges and shoot upward at enemies on neighboring ledges. At times, players will lose their grip on ledges they are climbing, forcing them into a mini-game in which players have to tap buttons to regain their grip.

At points in the game, players will be able to hijack airborne alien ships. In order to gain control of the ship, players must engage in a mini-game to kick the pilot out and reach the controls.

Screens :





Videos :



News & Articles


* The Offical site For Dark Void


* Dark Void Gold Jetpack Preorder Bonus


* Interviews



* Dark Void – Official Dev Diary


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3





The Game will have 48 Trophies


1 platinum

2 Gold

10 Silver

35 Bronze


Need more detail on the trophies then click HERE





Reviews will be housed here




More updates coming soon.....







Prologue Bronze Trophy
Complete Prologue
Crash Site Bronze Trophy
Compelte Crash Site
The Village Bronze Trophy
Complete The Village
Spare Parts Bronze Trophy
Complete Spare Parts
Village Attack Bronze Trophy
Complete Village Attack
Prophesized One Bronze Trophy
Complete Prophesized One
The Survivors Bronze Trophy
Complete The Survivors
Prison Escape Bronze Trophy
Complete Prison Escape
Defending the Ark Bronze Trophy
Complete Defending the Ark
The Collector Bronze Trophy
Complete The Collector
The Revolt Bronze Trophy
Complete The Revolt
Dear Diary Bronze Trophy
Dear Diary - Found a journal
Tesla's Apprentice Bronze Trophy
Tesla's Apprentice - Upgraded first weapon
Grand Theft...UFO? Bronze Trophy
Grand Theft...UFO? - Hijacked 20 UFOs
Blind Luck Bronze Trophy
Blind Luck - Kill one of each enemy foorsoldier using blind fire
Captain of the Ship Bronze Trophy
Captain of the Ship - Destroy 10 enemy aircraft while yours is on fire
Forgot My Two Cable Bronze Trophy
Forgot My Tow Cable - Fly though an Archon's legs
Fireworks Bronze Trophy
Fireworks - Kill 10 enemies by exploding a piece of dynamite in the air
Get Your Feet Wet Bronze Trophy
Get Your Feet Wet - Buzz the water
99 Red Balloons Bronze Trophy
99 Red Balloons - Kill 10 enemies while they are in anti-gravity bubble
Cliffhanger Killer Bronze Trophy
Cliffhanger Killer - Kill 50 enemies while in veritical cover
Death from Above Bronze Trophy
Death from Above - Kill 50 enemies while in hover
Bird of Prey Bronze Trophy
Bird of Prey - Kll 25 ground enemies using your rocket pack guns
Mark of the Adept Bronze Trophy
Mark of the Adept - Kill 5 UFOs in the Prologue
Rocket Clothesline Bronze Trophy
Rocket Clothesline - Perform a melee right after turning off rocket pack thrusters
Terminal Velocity Bronze Trophy
Terminal Velocity - Free fall for 10 seconds
The Squishy Center Bronze Trophy
The Squishy Center - Kill a Sarpa piloting an Archon
Cleanup on Aisle Three Bronze Trophy
Cleanup on Aisle Three - Kill 100 enemies with headshots
Rochambeau, I Go First Bronze Trophy
Rochambeau, I Go First - Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks
Blue Light Special Bronze Trophy
Blue Light Special - Kill 3 enemies with one grenade
Killing Spree Bronze Trophy
Killing Spree - Kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds
Those Aren't Fortune Cookies Bronze Trophy
Those Aren't Fortune Cookies - Step on 10 slugs
Master of Arms Bronze Trophy
Master of Arms - Kill an enemy with every weapon
I'm a Rocketman, Baby Bronze Trophy
I'm a Rocketman, Baby - Perform 100 special maneuvers while using the rocket pack
Float Like a Butterfly Bronze Trophy
Float Like a Butterfly - Kill 10 attackers immediately after escaping from their melee
Into the Void Silver Trophy
Complete Into the Void
Breaking Camp Silver Trophy
Complete Breaking Camp
Tower of Return Silver Trophy
Complete Tower of Return
Bookworm Silver Trophy
Bookworm - Found all journals
Grease Monkey Silver Trophy
Grease Monkey - Upgraded all weapons
Pack Rat Silver Trophy
Pack Rat - Acquired all 30,000 tech points
Demoloition Derby Silver Trophy
Demolition Derby - Collide with another UFO 10 times
The Big Bang Silver Trophy
The Big Bang - Destroy a Knight using a grenade
Light up the Sky Silver Trophy
Light Up the Sky - Destroy 25 targets with the Ark's AA guns
The Devastator Silver Trophy
The Devastator - Destroy 25 UFOs whil pilting a Survivor fighter
Dark Void Gold Trophy
Complete Dark Void
Ultimate Bad Ass Gold Trophy
Ultimate Bad Ass - Complete Dark Void on Hardcore
Dark Void 100% Complete Platinum Trophy
Earn all trophies

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