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It's not my bedroom, and I did it all. The house was done up a while ago, and there was a huge hole put in the wall for the CRT TV that we had back then. I then bought the HDTV, and I have been accumulating racks from GAME to fill up with these games, and then I did have to spend £30 getting that case for my PS2 games, but it seems worth it. Now all I want to do is tidy up the wires... but I went for the very cheapest HDMI cables so they are really really short, so there is not much for me to play through.

The problem is, once I have started doing this, I can't stop! And so I am going to need to spend more and more to get all these racks, and I can't just keep getting more and more. Given I will have about 35 games by the end of the year, that is under 3 years with the PS3, so I will have at least 60 by the end of the gen... that will be about 5 racks, and that will just be mad!