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well this is my first thread, so please be merciful.......

anyway I was scrolling through the web and I found this small article about a group of  Japanese Xbox 360 owners upset about the vast amount of new content for the PS3 version.  the article pretty short so I just pasted it here so you don't have to click the link

A petition aimed squarely at publisher Namco Bandai attacks the quality of the role-playing game, players angry that the PlayStation version will boast a number of improvements over the version already released.

"The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform [i.e. Xbox 360]. The games should be complete and properly made," reads the petition.

"From now on, the porting of titles like Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia should be abolished. An official apology should be made to Xbox 360 users forthe abnormal number of additions made to Vesperia only a year after its Xbox 360 release."

So far over 500 people, of a desired 1,000, have signed the petition.


my question is: What do you think about this? will their outcry just be ignored?

I just think that their mad they bought the game or the Xbox 360 console itself(if not both) and now feel as though they got slapped in the face(kinda like me) because of the money they somewhat wasted(kinda like me) and got an inferior version of it(kinda like me.......) anyway maybe the same group will come out to protest the PS3 version of SO4 which also comes with more add-on content.

P.S. I will be getting the PS3 version if it hits the U.S