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perpride said:
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TT Makaveli said:
funny that STAGE post this...the guy who bet that FF XIII will not sell 1 mill in 1 week in Japan :D

LOL.....it wont.

How much do you expect? (first day, first week, second week, total, ...)

Lower installed base this gen....remember.

First day: 400,000k copies

First Week: 800,000k copies

First Month: 2.3 M copies


WW:  6-8 M copies WW

So If I win I get to control your sig, avatar and you also make a thread right???

Also, since we know when FFXIII is hitting stores now, I think we should set out details for part 2 of the bet.

Yep if I win the bet I get to control your sig for a little while. :)

I'll say this again, I had this bet first. I don't why you are to pepride about it.

Then join in on the fun and put it on your sig that ur in the bet. :)

I would, but I'm running low on sig space.