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As much as I hate Kaz Hirai this is the nail in the coffin for 360 in Japan. When Sony bundles a hot third party title it usually sells extremely well in the region it is destined for. It happened this gen with MGS4 increasing PS3 sales 180% in 2008. Sony has already had a 200%+ increase in sales with the price cut. Microsoft needs to pull out of hostile territory...........................now.

It would be horrible decision to leave Japan for MS now. If MS would leave Japan, it would also hurt european ja US sales badly. If they would suddenly announce that they would leave Japan, it would seem to consumers that 360 is doing terribly and their support for it is soon going to be cut and 360 sales would drop like a stone everywhere, even in USA. Consumers don't know much about console sales so news like that would have devastating effect on sales. Statements about continuing support elsewhere would have no effect because few actually trusts MS. And Japanese developers support would also weaken a lot which would affect software support and it would also weaken sales elsewhere. They simply can't leave Japan anymore even if sales are terrible.

You make a good point, and I could see that potentially worrying European gamers a triffle, but I do doubt that in US the average gamer would really worry that much.  The only major negative I see from a US perspective is that the 360 might well lose jRPG support almost totally, closing down the potential gaming demographics it could appeal to.

I do think that the Slim, FFXIII and GT5 are going to sink 360 in Japan in terms of relegating it to a very distant first, and I suspect that unless MS is willing to shell out serious money for the privillage you're going to see less timed exclsuives for games like ToV on 360.

But I don't think MS can pull out - from a simple revenue/cost basis I could see it making sense.  Funding new IPs, contracting for timed exclusives, etc. to scrape to 1M consoles really doesn't make sense - and I suspect if there was a P&L for Japan only for 360 it would be negative.  But in the bigger picture they have to stay there and keep pitching away.

Right now 360 is strong in US, established in Europe and weak in Japan.  If they pull out of Japan then I could see many European countries assuming the same might happen (as per your arguement) leaving the 360 really only entrenched in US by the generations end.

I guess MS will just have to look at Japan as a form of loss leader in their broader efforts globally.


Thats hilarious reasonable. Microsoft wouldn't leave Europe. If Microsoft poured half of what they poured into Japan into Europe financially, the Europeans would at least respond. The Japanese don't respond to outsider products if they have a home product that is either just as good or better. The outsider product has to be really, really good, or something they don't have.