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I've noticed some issues with some members on ioi's decision on making me a mod. Most state thinking that I'm a "Sony Fanboy" when I think the list of PC games in my sig says otherwise, but whats the point in arguing.

I figured I would take the time out and post a thread on my overall goal and plan on as a mod on these forums.

My general plan is to clean up these forums. Is it as simple as that? Nope. I'm trying to take a proactive stance on managing these forums. Cut possible flame-wars and troll feasts at their ankles before they start getting out of hand. 

If some of you thing I'm going to go ban happy and ban all "None Sony Fans" you are greatly mistaken. I, just like all the other mods, will warn/ban gamers in all 4 camps (PC, PS3, Wii, and 360); but, I plan on attempting to discuss issues with problematic members before a warning unless said member has receive multiple reports from members. One report wont grant a warning. 

Another thing that makes my system different is that my warnings can be repealed. If the member sends me a very well written message defending his or her post then I will gladly repeal it.


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