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Ah, you fixed the loophole =) I'll leave it alone this time. But one last thing,

I never went on a "rampage", I never spammed, I was never lude, I never even cursed. So stop saying that. I've been nothing but polite to everyone except the person who I feel treated me inappropriately.

Obviously what I was doing was not an attempt to get unbanned. I know that I requested it a few times, but it was simply to right the wrong. As soon as I got banned, I knew I'd never be a member of this community.

My ban might as well be permanent, because I'll never post here again. I've never been on a site that had moderators like this. Never even thought I could get banned for what I said. Maybe a warning, 1 day suspension, etc. But not a ban that extended into next year.

The whole process of promoting mods here is just ridiculous. Like I've said before, a lot of sites don't even have a different color for their mods. The general demeanor here is that the mods are some big parent figure that gets to tell everyone what to do. Several of the members here are simply disgusting with the amount of ass kissing you do for the mods.

I'm not going to name names, but some of the mods here have a great demeanor. They don't just ban because they can, or discipline because they can, or say "Stop it!" because they can. They simply post like regular people and keep the board going in a civil manner.

Some of you are very, very far from that.