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I gave up on Nintendo decades ago when they were a pathetic company making cards........yes I have been there....for I am the....


On a more serious note, I haven't given up on Nintendo as a gaming company, for they have always been serious about creating games that give me a smile . Other game companies would push my mind to think (like Kojima and his MGS games), allow me to daydream about adventures (like the Dragon Quest and FF games) or ponder about love and friendships (like Kingdom Heart games), but Nintendo will always give me a smile and pure joy in their games....always.

Besides, Shigsy is just a creative genius! It's like he's in my mind or something....he just knows what to make to make me happy....creepy I know...

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I am a Pakistani.....my name is Dan....how hard is that? (Don't ask about the 101...apparantely there are more of me out there....)