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I have never (left NINTY)as my main gameing platforms. I grew up with NES/SNES. I also have had a Sega Geneis/PS1/Ps2.

Reasons why I love NINTY!

1 Can create some of the simplest game ideas and make them into something great.

2 Never have had any problems with any of there products.

3 Always trying to make games funner.

4 Can get almost anyone to atleast try a game out with me and watch them have fun.

5 Some of my best childhood memories involved a NES/SNES.

6 Innovation

7 Puts more focus on the gameplay rather then just shiny graphics. Graphics are nice though if the game is good

8 A big company able to bite there tongue and try to mend broken relationships.(Developers)

9 Mario......

10 I love NINTENDO for simply being NINTENDO and not (atleast out right)ever copying a complete idea. (least that I can think of)

Overall I think other companies have had success for the same types of reasons. I would also like to mention that I do enjoy more then just nintendo games/consoles they are just almost always my first pick