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ChichiriMuyo said:
While the game is graphically stunning I too am disappointed. It seems like every E3 Alan Wake is going to be released "next year." It's not as bad as Duke Nukem Forever because they at least they show progress, but this is a game people seriously believed that they might be playing last year. I know they want the game to look good, but sometimes you have to admit you've pushed the envelope enough and just release the product.

Or Killzone!


The only problem I had with the game was that it isn't out yet.  I love the lighting and mood of the demo and think the game will be spot on.  If it takes another 6-10 months I am ok with it.  Afterall we have waited this long, I would rather them take the time to polish it than to rush it and ruine it.  


It isn't surprising that the OP didn't like this game, and I would have been surprised if he hadn't made a thread to troll it.  He isn't fooling any of the regulars (to this site) and it doesn't take long to figure that out.  It is fun reading some of his threads, not often do you see a fanboy stick their foot in their mouth as often as he does.  

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