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CHYUII said:
Evolution is a philosophy because scientific method can never be applied to it. We have no way of researching it, because we have no way of reproducing the moments in which life was created on Earth. If it is a fact then scientist would not still call it a theory.

Statistically speaking it is very improbable that random chance gave rise to order (not to mention it is against the PROVEN Laws of Science).
Darwin said that if it could be proven that life forms did not become more complicated over a series of successive improvements, then his theory would be proven wrong.

Micheal Denton an atheist wrote a book called evolution: a theory in Crisis, He spent the first part of the book ripping religion. And then went on to make his case-

And he is not alone in those beliefs other scientist believe the same.

I am not anti- science but I am Anti- Dogma and the theory of Evo. is sometimes just that.

I believe in Micro but not Macro.

The rest is more in line with Intelligent Design because Intelligent Design is more inline with the ACTUAL LAWS of SCIENCE.

But this is a free country and I do not mean to step on anothers beliefs, we are free to worship as we choose...

I would just ask out of curiosity why you believe in Micro but not Macro evolution?

Furthermore people seem to think that structured experiments are an essential part of the scientific method and while they provide harder evidence, lack of them does not mean you are not applying the scientific method.

The Theory of Evolution is a theory in the same way that we have a Theory of Relativity that refined, but did not replace Newton's theory of gravitation.  There may still be a new theory or a revision of Darwin's theory that gives an even better explanation and better predictive properties than natural selection.