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Hilarious! What is the whole series about?

It's a slice-of-life comedy based around three sisters, their friends, and the creepy but amusing situations they land in (such as the boy who gets roped into crossdressing to get closer to a girl he likes, and ends up liking girl's clothing a bit too much).

Kana steals every scene she's in.



I'll have to check it out.

As long as it doesn't get too weird... What's the rating?

Well, there's nothing particularly naughty (it's mostly implied), and most of the creepiness comes from the homely daydream fantasies of Hosaka and his unlikely future with the eldest of the three sisters. Hosaka is awesome, though.



Good cause the characters were kind of young. I wouldn't want anybody getting the wrong idea. I had a hard time trying to explain Key the Metal Idol.

which I loved.