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Cougarman said:
trully was one of the best games of last generation, the first time i faced a collassi was one of the jaw-dropping moments in gaming for me.


Indeed I am on the same boat as you.

I went in search of my first Colossus and as I approached the location I was like "Hmm, where is this damn thing".

As I got closer the Colossus revealed himself to me and I witnessed this gigantic creature of epic proportions making his way towards me. The only thing going through my mind at that point was "O-M-G". I had this type of feeling.


  <---- Me.


This feeling remained from the moment I saw him, to the moments spend climbing my way up his body and ultimately until the moment I took the moving mountain down. I had this great feeling of accomplishment at that point and knew that this game was something truly special.


When a game needs so very little words to tell such a wonderful story you know you have just experienced a masterpiece.

This game still holds up even to this day's graphical standards, it is a game that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Team ICO are some of the most talented in the industry and anyone who has the opportunity to experience this game should go ahead, do themselves and favor, and do so.


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