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This year, even though the show was ostensibly anchored by hardware makers Sony and Microsoft, every third party was itching to show off their Wii titles. A typical situation was that of Capcom's booth. Although they'd been on the vanguard of Xbox 360 developers and had perhaps the best PlayStation 3 exclusive at last year's TGS with Devil May Cry 4, the vast majority of their booth this year was taken up with three major Wii exclusives: Umbrella Chronicles, Zack and Wiki, and We Love Golf.




From what i've followed I am tending to agree with... the most new projects were announced for Nintendo.... most of the best impressions came from 3rd party Wii games...

I'm amazed at how different I feel towards Wii after this event.

I was of the feeling that maybe Nintendo hadn't garnered as much third party Japanese support as I thought... but with Project O impressing the hell out of me I'm rather shocked...

(this thread wont end well)