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RPG said:
Soriku said:

Haven't played some still, can buy and play on PS2.

The DS is already a powerhouse RPG system. Wii will soon be, especially with the amazing line up this year.

Right I would like to know what JRPG are releasing which will make the Wii a "JRPG powerhouse" this year, many people saying it on this forum and all that I can think of the the FF spin off and a flag ship TO game.

That does not make the console a JRPG powerhouse, DQ X will do it but if that one releases before 2010 I will rip my balls off. Console JRPG are pathetic, it would as easily be argued that FFXIII and Versus will make the PS3 a JRPG powerhouse which simply shows how poor this gen has been for console JRPG.

BTW MH3, sales =/= quality is the definition of the MH franchise.

Oboro Muramasa, Kizuna, Arc Rise Fantasia right off the bat.