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DKII said:
gebx said:
DKII said:
PMs could be abused if we left that function available. There's plenty of other ways to get in touch with us, starting with the Staff link at the bottom of the page.


Yeah, but you guys don't respond to them... not only that but last time I got banned, I sent a message to the staff link asking why I was banned and what thread got me banned since no post id# was mentioned and you guys fined me!

Why would you fine someone using the contact staff link??


So to those who are currently banned.. don't use the link, mods will just fine you twice...


Saying "you guys" is clearly incorrect since I never received an email from you.  If you used the "Contact" link to send an email to the admin address, that goes directly to Brett and usually doesn't get looked at if you haven't followed the chain of command.  If you have a problem with a mod, contact naznatips.  If you have a problem with him, contact me.  If you have a problem with me, contact Brett.  If you have a problem with everyone, then you're better off gone anyway.


Yeah, I sent it to the contact link and not the staff. Hopefully, I would need to use that link again

btw - you're the one who fined me again when I was banned....

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