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I'll give you a short opinion, as there is one thing a lot of people (not only Crazzyman) do not understand: To keep demand for a console at the same level you have to release new games all the time. You can't take sales numbers of any console and add 10k weekly sales for every exclusive the console will get.

So can we expect the Wii to sell 400m units? It gets a lot of exclusives next year, right?

Look, games like Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy will keep PS3 momentum high in Europe and America. Sales may even increase a bit in Japan but not that much (because the Japanese market isn't big enough to carry 4 consoles that sell more than 3 million units in one year (which would be DS, PSP, Wii and PS3 then).

It is rather easy to understand what I try to say: How many copies will Metal Gear Solid 4 sell in one year on a weekly basis? Devil May Cry? Yakuza? Even Resident Evil? Right, not a lot and because of that they won't have a boosting affect on hardware sales anymore, it's that easy.

Look at New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart DS Japan sales - DS hardware sales dropped at the same time sales for those two games dropped. The same goes for Brain Training. As soon as demand for those games dropped hardware sales dropped as well. (Of course that goes vice-versa but you still get my point.)