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CrazzyMan said: In a 1up.com podcast 1up states in the next weeks and months, some Xbox 360 exclusives are supposed to be announced also for the PS3. The comment can be heard from running time 61:30 to Shane bed houses of the EGM in the Podcast 1UP Yours. It is said these titles will be titles once considered to be Xbox360 only games. http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3149993 Lost Planet Dead Rising Gears Of War Dead or Live 4 Mass Effect Too Human Trusty Bell Blue Dragon Lost Odyssey Bioshock Ace Combat 6 hmm, which ones? =))
WiiGirl76 said:Ehm if you haven't noticed Ace Combat was a Sony exclusive but now AC6 heads to the xbox 360. And what's up with all those shooters, jeez
I only count 3 shooters WiiGirl. Lost Planet, Gears of War, and Bioshock. Bioshock, if it plays as much like System Shock, would hardly be the typical shooter. There are more RPGs on the list than shooters.