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thetonestarr said:
scottie said:
Tribal stage - i read your comments, and have worked out that you haven't actually played the game. Being able to fly in the tribal stage is a huge advantage, being able to spit poison is another advantage - especially if you have axe wielders. Regardless, the tribal stage is pretty fun but I would say my least favourite of the stages

My first creatures could spit poison AND fly, and neither presented a significant advantage in the tribal stage. In fact... I don't remember them even using their spitting abilities at all. *shrugs.* Jump/glide wasn't useful in the least... Actually, it was more annoying than anything else, because they would randomly jump when I was trying to select them.

That really just leads me to wonder if you've played the game. But, instead of insulting you, perhaps our creatures just approached combat differently. You can't tell.


Considering any time I clicked more than 10 feet away from them to move, my creatures flew there in tribal stage I don't know what the hell you are talking about at all. Thay also happened to spit as well and I saw them use it plenty. Also considering all you have to do is a jump glide to save your ass in the creature stage I'm just gonna go with the fact that you somehow managed to suck playing at Spore.

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