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scottie said:
Shame on you thetonestar, I love this game

Cell stage, awesome fun - doesn't last too long though

Creature stage, this is where the procedurally generated aspect comes into play, you can make pretty much any creature you like and the game will animate it beautifully. This stage is incredible, I do just wish that they allowed swimming and actual flight instead of just gliding. Longevity of this stage is ridiculous

Tribal stage - i read your comments, and have worked out that you haven't actually played the game. Being able to fly in the tribal stage is a huge advantage, being able to spit poison is another advantage - especially if you have axe wielders. Regardless, the tribal stage is pretty fun but I would say my least favourite of the stages.

Civilisation stage - lots of fun - designing your own Tanks etc is lots of fun, and allows for a wider variety of play styles than many respected RTS. This isn't quite as fun or long lasting as the creature phase, but still extremely enjoyable.

Space stage - All I will say is that this stage will make me fail university, it's so damn addictive.

Comments on the game as a whole - I liked how they linked in the stages, there's the abilities which carry over from your actions in previous stages, and each stages your chances are directly influenced by the quality of your creation in the previous stage.

There's also alot of cool things like the Spice geysers, which pop up in the creature stage to lift you into the air and also pop up in the Civilisation and Space stage so you can harvest them for money.

Procedurally generated creatures is an incredible idea, and the procedurally generated music (thanks to the brilliance of Brian Eno) is incredible.


Yeah... My grades ahev already slipped actually because of this game.

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