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to Gballzack,
==> You saied "its sales just declined" about soucalibur serie
then I can argue it is the same for SH serie, the sales declined BUT the game are great !!!
Well, to say the truth, I know that SH3/SH4 are not as good as SH1/2, for the majority of the SH gamers (including me).
But I dont see how u can prejudge for SH5 or even Origins since the game are not even out !
Finally, the point about SH5 was absolutely not to claim something like
"Wii will not have SH5"
but just answer to "finalsquall" that thougt the SH serie was a sony exclusivity.

were u trying to pick up a fight ? or maybe just to pick up a ban ?

to robjoh,
==> I should try to get Eternal Darkness then

Time to Work !