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From the NPD prediction tool:

StarDoor said: 

Symbios63 said: 
January Summaries :

Overall : 1) NS : 419.7 points/day (1.00) ; 2) PS4 : 320.9 points/day (0.76) ; 3) XBO : 43.7 points/day (0.10)

With the results released:

NS: 284k (1.00)
PS4: 195k (0.69)
XBO: 101k (0.36)

Another win for the tool predicting the rankings and the NS/PS4 ratio, although XBO is still weirdly underrepresented at online retailers.

So yeah, XBO was way undertracked but that was somewhat expected (it barely showed up at all in the sales early in the month because practically everybody who wanted an Xbox probably bought one during the holidays when they were much cheaper), on the other hand the Switch/PS4 ratio is pretty close to correct.

If the tool is correct next month again then Switch might deliver a trashing in February, current ratios are Switch (1.00), PS4 (0.50), XBO (0.43), meaning Switch is outselling PS4+XBO combined if correct.