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Thursday news, part two:

Degrees of Separation, a puzzle game written by Chris Avellone, is out tomorrow
Modus Games' co-op puzzle platformer, Degrees of Separation, has a launch trailer to celebrate its release tomorrow.
Written by Chris Avellone, the game stars two characters called Ember and Rime. Ember's world is warm; Rime's is icy. Both character's elements can be used individually to solve puzzles or navigate the path ahead, and it they can merge their powers to create 'controllable gusts of wind, frozen rivers, secret passageways.' You can get a good look at how it works in the trailer above.

Dangerous Driving, a spiritual successor to Burnout, is coming to the Epic Store
Dangerous Driving will have 30 courses set across seven unique locations, a variety of game modes with names like Takedown, Eliminator, and Road Rage, and support for solo racing against "remorseless AI" and online action for up to eight players. IT promises "unparalleled physics and mass destruction," although perhaps not unparalleled realism, and of course there will be plenty of new cars and abilities to unlock.

Try out Trials Rising for free in next week's open beta
Ubisoft's 2.5D motocross racing/platformer Trials Rising will be out on February 26, a slight pushback from its originally scheduled launch on February 12. Before that happens, you can take it for a spin in a free open beta that will run from February 21-25.

Watch the full intro sequence to Far Cry New Dawn
You probably already know that the basic setup of Far Cry New Dawn is The Road Warrior with a side order of deep fried bull testicles. If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of what's in store, today's new 12-minute gameplay video, covering the full intro sequence, is here to help. It is also obviously spoiler-ish, so approach with whatever level of caution you feel is appropriate.

Harmonix's new game is a VR rhythm shooter called Audica
When last we heard from Rock Band studio Harmonix several years ago, it was working on a musical shooter called Chroma. That has apparently fallen by the wayside, however, as the studio announced today that its next project will be a VR "rhythm shooter" for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift called Audica—and it will be out on Steam Early Access in March.

Ubisoft teases Rainbow Six Siege's Aussie operators with a surprisingly silly video
Today's teaser for Gridlock and Mozzie, the Australian operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Burnt Horizon, is short and not terribly informative, but it's also silly and fun, and takes a very different approach to showcasing its gun-slinging superstars than we usually see. I like it, and so here it is for you to enjoy too.

WWE wrestler Booker T. sues Activision over Call of Duty's 'Prophet' character
Booker T. Huffman, famous among wrestling fans as WWE superstar Booker T. , has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Activision alleging that the Call of Duty character David "Prophet" Wilkes is based upon GI Bro, a persona Huffman created in the early years of his wrestling career.

Fortnite's Season 8 battle pass will be free
Fortnite is giving away the Season 8 battle pass free, providing you can complete 13 challenges before the end of the Share the Love event.
Epic dropped the announcement in today's patch notes which detail the requirements for the surprise Valentine's day gift. Everyone that manages to complete 13 Overtime challenges before February 27 will receive a Season 8 battle pass completely free, earning two Season 8 outfits immediately, as well as the chance to earn up to five more.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey New Game Plus detailed for February's update
Assassin's Creed Odyssey's February update confirms the details of the New Game Plus mode and increases the level cap to 99. Another free 'Lost Tales of Greece' episode has been added and a host of other features are on their way.

Hollow Knight: Silksong announced, a full sequel set in a new land
Team Cherry has announced a sequel to the awesome metroidvania Hollow Knight last night with a trailer, a website, and some colourful screenshots.
In Hollow Knight: Silksong you play as the princess-protector of Hallownest, Hornet, who has been captured and taken to a different land. That means a new map full of beautiful art, boss monsters, and towns of cute bug people. It looks like the new setting will allow for more variety than Hollow Knight's melancholy ruined city. The website mentions "gilded cities, lakes of fire, and misted moors".
>> mZuzek has made a thread about this.

Resident Evil 2 Remake's free Ghost Survivors DLC is out tomorrow
Resident Evil 2 Remake's Ghost Survivors DLC is out tomorrow, allowing you to play through three 'what if' scenarios as victims of the Raccoon City outbreak.
The free DLC includes No Time to Mourn, Runaway and Forgotten Soldier, each giving you the chance to step into the shoes of a different character and experience the biological disaster from the perspective of the civilians.

Fallout 76 duped items are being removed from inventories
Fallout 76 is undergoing a spot of maintenance today, with Bethesda promising to finally get rid of duped items, stripping players of their ill-gotten gains. You may return to find some of your favourite gear missing when servers come back online.

What time Anthem's servers go live and how to pre-load
After a long wait, BioWare has finally confirmed what time Anthem launches and how to pre-load. To be clear, Anthem isn't actually releasing until February 22, a week from now, but those who subscribe to Origin Access can start playing tomorrow, February 15. If you're subscribed to Origin Access Basic, you can play for 10 hours before having to wait for the full launch. Those subscribing to Origin Access Premiere can start playing the full game without restrictions, though. It's very stupid, we know.
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