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Zim said:
Okay either chartz is WAY out or that image from gamebiz is way off. It has prototype 2 above kinect star wars.

Chartz has Prototype 2 (360+Ps3) at 264k.
While Star wars is at 382k.

Yet that image has Prototype above Kinect SW. What's going on there?

The new guy doing the US figures is still learning...but based on what Anita said, I don't think anything topped 250,000 in the US for sw or hw. Consoles overall are down like 30% in units (more with PS2) - which means portables are down a lot too for instance.

X360 is still leading the US market, but its down 20% on 2011 so far - on pace for 5.7m at the moment if you take last year's total and subtract 20%...As a coincidence, the Jan-Apr 2012 figure is also almost exactly the same as Jan-Apr 2010 / Jan-April 2009 when X360 sold 6.7m / 4.7m respectively...which makes quite a bit of sense for 5.7m in 2012 barring a big time change in the coming months.

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