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Sqrl said:
shrimpy_boy11 said:
I just want to ask something. Dont take it personally but do you fellow americans realise you have an one hell of an idiot for a president?

Like do general citizens (people on the street and familys etc) of america realise he's is stupid?? because the rest of the world does.

Just asking as i dont know what americans think so id thought id ask you guys as... well... you live thier.

.... i hope this honestly dosent offend anyone.

Well ignoring the fact that your comments are completely unspecific I think you will find that most people disagree with him on a number of issues. Those issues will of course cover a wide range of issues, but it is worth noting that many people also agree with him on a number of issues. This again falls back to my point that you were very unspecific.

Now if you are actually going to make claim that he is in fact a person of low intellect I think you will find it substantially harder to back up this claim with anything other than the typical unfounded anti-bush rhetoric, of which there is plenty to go around. Particularly if you are looking for it online.

Furthermore, I think you would find that while Americans do care about how we are viewed in the world we simply do not care what other countries want us to do in terms of who we elect. We elect our candidates based on our views and nothing more. If you take issue with the fact that our candidates don't have your countries best interest as their primary goal then that is definitely valid from your viewpoint but seeing as we are electing our leaders we are looking at our bottom line first.

Finally, it might help a bit if more countries, in Europe especially, were to actually step up to the plate a bit. If you don't like the US's foreign policy perhaps getting your countries involved where we are screwing up is a good alternative. At the moment most of the American people hear a bunch of yelling from the proverbial peanut gallery who are unwilling to get their own hands dirty but plenty willing to bitch when you do it in a way that doesn't suit them.



As soon as the US elects a leader that literally claims to want to hasten the end of the world I think your claim would begin to make sense. Until then your comment is a fine example of what propaganda and indeed ignorance can produce when fostered with a dose of "blame it on the US".


What resources? Oil? So apparently the Iraq oil wasn't enough so you think he wants to wage war with another country just for a little bit more oil? Because I don't think you can be serious about Iran becoming a serious power. Economically they are beyond insignificant and technologically they are at least 30 years behind the US. So the only thing I can believe is that you, like Yojimbo, are buying into the propaganda and grasping at straws to jump on the "Its the US's fault" bandwagon.


I truly dislike the way Bush has handled the war on terror from the start of the war in Iraq onward. The recent surge has been promising, but in many ways it is aggrevating that this progress was not made sooner. At least progress is being made, however.

As far as Iran goes, I cannot fathom how any person would look at the (until now) rising tentions between the two countries and honestly believe that the US is the instigator. What part of radical islam have you not understood? Is it the part where they truly want to bring death to western culture or that part about bringing about the end of the world?

Do people even doubt the grip radical islam has over a country like Iran at the moment? I truly am at a loss for words as to what the disconnect is. Am I the only one who sees news stories about a country that encourages 13 year old boys to strap bombs to their chest and blow themselves up? Or is that the fault of the US also? At what point do you wake up from dreamland and really think about who the bad guys are? Because it sure as hell is obvious to me.

As far as Europe goes, the impression I continually get about the continent is that the governments don't know what the hell to do. So rather than trying something, which if you fail is death politically, they sit by and critique those who are doing something. The result of which is all this fabulous monday morning quarterbacking and second-guessing. I would love to see Europe actually unite behind a cause. At least it would show your politicians still have a bit of a spine left in them.

 There is no other reason to attack Iran presently, that's why I think so.  Whoever controls the middle east 10-15 years from now will have immense power.

Remember the Carter doctrine? Should the U.S be in need, they're to go out in the world and take the resources by force should they have to. This was abolished after Carter, but Bush reopened it when he was instated. Sometime after, massive attacks on some of the most oil-enriched soil on earth occurred, and one has to wonder... You have to at least agree that it seems suspicious, right?

I've no reason to believe the Bush administration does this out of the kindness of their hearts, they WILL require some recuperation after the tremendous cost of this recent war. And look at the U.S economy and how its plummeted since Bush strode into the picture, he certainly does not wish any good on his own people.

I'm not saying that my word is law and that Bush is Satan (frankly, he's too dumb for that) and that the U.S is evil personified. But this is generally how we view things here in the nordic countries, especially here in Norway where our politicians are involved in almost every peace treaty or operation in the world! 

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