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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Whats happening with the PSP games sales data ?

I mean ,after the NPD data in october there was some 655 000 games sold for it but the webpage only counted some 121 000 games sold ,in november you have 126 000 games sold when the actual number will probably increase from october ....Last numbers more or less correct for the PSP seem to be july and august with sales of around 1 million games per month ,since then you have put some 200 000 per september ,121 000 for october an 126 000 (counting only the sales of 1 game ) for november .....Its not normal that the sales have fallen a 80% since august for this plattform especially considering there are each month more users and good games have been released (Medal of Honor ,Ace COmbat X ,GTA Vice City ,Killzone Liberation etc ) so I think something is wrong with the data .