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The makers of Wish Room, Harvest Moon, Chulip, Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII are teaming up for a new super project for the Wii. Project O (a tentative name, of course)...a few paras down... a tool that allows players to create a world, give it life, and observe the subsequent happenings. He likens this to the game Sim Earth. But in addition to a distant view of the world, he wanted to let players experience the world from the first person perspective of one of its residents. He likens this to Sim People. Project O started with the idea of being a combination of Sim People and Sim Earth. But it's since become something a bit different, thanks to the influences Kimura took from Norikazu Yasunagano, who created World Neverland for the PlayStation back in 1997. That title was a "life simulation," where players could experience the relationships between artificial intelligence driven characters.
This game sounds really nice. It's like Spore + The Sims + Civilzation + Sim City. This would be an awesome exclusive game.

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Sounds really nice indeed. This caught my attention, something talked about here in the near past: "Which at long last brings us to a vague statement describing the kind of game we'll be getting with Project O. The game will combine the life simulation elements of World Neverland with the presentation of Kimura's own Chulip. On top of all that are simulation elements from Harvest Moon. The game will feature simulation, adventure and even a few real time action elements. The simulation elements will push the Wii to the limit, promised Wada. When in the god's perspective, the game will display dozens of characters simultaneously, each moving using unique AI routines."

Yeah, the last sentance is a smack at those who say Wii is too weak to do anything good in terms if AI and enviroment.

Chulip is just insane looking.

I posted about this on the board the other day. :p Oh well, I'm still looking forward to seeing these guys work together on a project of this magnitude. :D

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hope its out before end of 08...