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I've been peripherally aware of a game developer called Seeds that was formed by a bunch of former Capcom employees for a while now, but never paid much attention to it. I happened to read more about them after running into them on Wikipedia from the Okami article, and realised I have very good cause to be interested in them.

The head honchos of Seeds are Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya, and Atsuhi Inaba. The names might not ring a bell, but these are the people behind Resident Evil 4, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, God Hand, and Devil May Cry. That's pretty much every notable non-hand held game by Capcom last gen, and definitely includes many of my favorites.

The weird thing is, nobody seems to know that they're doing. It's been over a year since they were formed, but  they have announced no projects, or even the platforms they're developing for. There's one rumour that they're working with Suda 51 on a project that is not No More Heroes, but that's about it. I personally find these guys a lot more promising than most of the "big" developers that seem to be doing the same games over and over again.

Anyone heard anything that I haven't? 

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It's not surprising that you haven't heard anything from them. If they're looking for a publisher they need to make a good demo which could easily take at least a year. Once they find a publisher they're going to get at least level (whatever that may be in their game) to a near complete level and start filling out their team which could take another year. Finally after they have a publisher and something that could be shown will they finally announce what they've been up to.