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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Killzone Demo Rumor

Killzone PS3 demo will appear this March most likely alongside the European Launch and firmware 2.00. It will incorporate a 15 minute timed part from the single player campaign and a untimed multiplayer map supporting 64 players. 8 vheicles will be playable in the multiplayer map, including 2 air vehicles and 2 naval.
I'm reading alot of that, at alot of places... This is very nice news. And a quote from somewhere.
Well i heard a few things from the Sony rep today about Killzone 3. He's had inside viewings of Killzone 3 that were never released to the public and arnt likely to be by the sounds of things, nothing more than internal tech videos showing off the physics engine that will be behind the game. As he described, one video showed a helghast running on a lean round a corner just as a bullet flies through the air and nails the helghast soldier in his trailing right ankle, kicking the soldiers' foot out, tripping his other leg and rolling over himself on the ground. In real time might i add, and its not gunna be released until that E305 Scene is playable and at least at that quality, but going by what he said its well on the way and matching it.
If *any* of this proves to be true. Holy crap. I want another PS3! These are RUMORS. And Rumors only. It might happen. It might not.

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