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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Sales Discussion - July 29th, 2007 (Oblivion killed ioi's NA numbers)

Oddly enough, we start with Japanese numbers instead of American.

This Wk Last Wk  NameWks Sales Total Sales % Drop Wks in Release Expected LTD 
 #1 ---- The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion 43,676 43,676 --- 1 100,000(?)
 #2 #1 Ghost Recon: AW2 2,275 14,907 -30.5% 3 20,500
 #3 #2 Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream 1,404 65,615 -11.0% 7 75,000+
 #4 #3 Saints Row 660 15,948 -21.9% 6 17,500
 #5 #6 Blue Dragon 592 194,461 +2.4% 34 200,000+
 #6 #5 Forza Motorsports 2 510 26,294 -16.6% 9 30,000
 #7 #8 Viva Pinata  385 17,716 -13.3% 29 19,500
 #8 #7 Dead Rising 339 78,545 -37.8% 44 ~90,000

In this week's chart, we have the obvious standout: Oblivion. Everyone was rather caught off guard on this one when Shinobi reported retailer preorders. Originally, I was figuring this game would be lucky to manage 20,000 LTD sales. Fortunately, it totally smashed the Eastern Curtain. It wound up with very similar numbers to Trusty Bell, minus the bundle. Actual hardware sales were higher for Oblivion than Trusty Bell if the TB Bundles were not included (Famitsu stated that 3,000 X360s were bought during TB week that weren't bundles).

Where will it end up? No one knows. Juding by the fact it had 35,000 sales first day, it only managed a paltry 4,000 per day afterwards. If one was to take that as ancedotal evidence, you could assume 65,000 LTD sales, surpassing Gears of War, or near it. However, it''s still managed to chart well on Amazon. Hopefully with the good reviews it can manage more. Oblivion certainly had great legs in the US for the X360, despite a huge opening.

Most games benefited from the increased hardware sales. Most notably JRPG friends Blue Dragon and Trusty Bell. TB managed a phenominal drop, and Blue Dragon, an increase. Trusty Bell will easily flirt, and surpass #4 Ridge Racer 6 at some point, hopefully. Ghost Recon 2 also managed a real good hold for it's 3rd week - possibly spurrned by Western owners adopting X360s for Oblivion. However, Dead Rising wasn't so lucky, and neither Saints Row. Both posted abysmal drops.

Next week is going to be real interesting for Oblivion. It could wind up with a 65% drop ala Ghost Recon, or a 85% drop like Trusty Bell.

NA Charts soon....

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.