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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Popular Japanese Singers Promoting Wii & DS

I'm not sure if anyone has discussed this yet-- but the Wii [and the DS] are getting ALOT of promotion in Japan from various Japanese artists, and not just the shitty ones no one knows about, the BIG hitters! Alot of this is occurring on the highly popular prime time musical-variety shows as well! A few examples (there are quite a few, these are just the few that I could find easily) A "Wii party" on one show with LOTS of artists, this clip is just of the most popular one, BoA [7 straight #1 studio albums since her debut and still counting], playing Wii Bowling [the rest of the show had all of them taking turns]: Clip from an episode of Hey!x3 that aired yesterday (or two days ago if you live in Japan) featuring arguablly the most popular singer of the last 7 years [her competitor for this title is featured later in a clip promoting the DS], Ayumi Hamasaki, playing Wario Ware- A special site was made on the webpage for Japan's Oricon Chart (equivalent to America's Billboard) with links to it dispersed throughout the site in very visible places-- It features 8 moderately popular japanese artists playing Wii Sports and Wario Ware... and having a hell of a time while doing so (video links are on the page) ------------ In late 2004 and 2005 the other major Japanese artist of the last, arguably, 8-9 years, who also has the highest selling Japanese album of ALL time under her belt [beating the second place finisher by about 4 million copies], Utada Hikaru, released a series of commercials promoting the DS (featuring her song, but not her)

J-whorage <333