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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Where are all these copies?

I've just read an article on Gamasutra ( and I have to say I'm shocked. Namco-Bandai announced that they sold 840 k copies of Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP when on VG charts we've got 116250 (J) + 179000 (US) = 295250 copies tracked. It means more than 500k copies is somewhere on this planet (Europe?)... or Media Create and NPD are the way off with all this numbers... Same situation with Wipeout Pure with 1 million of copies sold (confirmed by Sony)

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This is a good point. No doubt there are venues where video games are sold that are not tracked by these firms, probably a significant number as well. How would they track imports, and can they accurately track all online sales? Shipments can be accounted for accurately, but sales happen in so many venues that no doubt only a portion can be precisely tracked. When we went to Japan during the new year for example, my wife and I purchased a few DS titles. I could see how the two titles we bought at Yodobashi Camera would be tracked, the store is wired hundreds of ways, but the small shop where I picked up a copy of DQM: Joker probably wouldn't be factored into the statistics. Overall, I'd expect that the sales of all consoles and games are higher than reported. Of course, I also expect that by sales, Namco-Bandai really means shipments, unless they have an alternate method of tracking when a game hits the register to which the tracking firms are not privy.