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Forums - Gaming Discussion - EB sticks it to the PSP

Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

ssj12 said: Player specific decoders are nothing more than specialized GPUs. Gran Turismo is the trust driving simulator of them all. 

"Why do they call it the xbox 360? Because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away" 

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Lol. I got a better deal on my PSP. I had only one game, a memory card, and Advent Children on UMD, and I got $175.00. I wouldn't trade in my DS, I got it on IT'S launch date, Sunday, Nov. 21 2004. I killed my SP with a baseball bat when I got my DS. Question is, is this a serious ad? Even if it's not, kudos to the maker. Gave me a good laugh.

Things and stuff.

This can't be real, it's too hilarious. If this is real, it's a huge insult, it can't be real. I don't believe it, too funny. It's got me hysterical.