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Forums - Sales Discussion - About Wii and DS Lite sales in Japan

Short and simple: Are both Wii and DS Lite still sold-out in Japan every week? As I know they both are, and especially Wii is suffering from low supplies because the demand is high like in NA and UK. True or not true?

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Yep, the DS and Wii are both selling out in Japan as we speak, and for those two at least it doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

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The constant flux of the Wii's sales number in Japan(from 80k, down to 60k then back up to 80K again) is a sign that sales are indeed being dictated by supply.

crazy isnt it? Where I live (canada) I can pretty much find a DS at any store. But Its harder to find PS3s thats said to be stocking on store shelves in Japan.

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