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Forums - Gaming Discussion - * Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 Babes Memorabilia - Sweet.

Haven't played the game (I have kids)

Looks cool but way too expensive! 


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I've played the first one, it was just eye candy mostly and the volleyball would get pretty boring. I hear the second one is simply more of the same with some more eye candy and activities.

They all have like the same bodies just with different skin colors, faces, and hair styles.... what's the point in memorabillia?

And there is nothing wrong with eye candy haha.

Nope, though you'd think the girls would be different in how they look lol.

It's like the Les Enfants Terribles project, but they've done a good job in getting all the women to be nearly the same in every way (in terms of their bodies at least).

^^you are right - they all seem to have the same body, but for some reason the tan one looks the best. (I don't know their names)