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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New Viva Pinata on DS


February 13, 2007 - After Nintendo and Rare parted ways in 2002, in a deal which saw Microsoft pay a staggering sum to secure the UK studio, few would've anticipated that games would continue to land on Nintendo handhelds more often than they did on the Xbox duo. With Diddy Kong Racing DS set to arrive in the palms of Nintendo gamers soon, following a string of titles for Game Boy Advance, Microsoft's Shane Kim, who's the Corporate Vice President of its Game Studios division, has hinted at what could be the next project in the pipeline. "A Kameo or a Viva Piñata on a DS makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways from a franchise perspective," he said, speaking to 1UP about the faith Microsoft has in Viva Piñata - a new franchise from Rare for the Xbox 360 which received a lukewarm reception when it debuted last November. "I think it’s fair to say that we’re going to continue to invest in that property," Kim continued, "Whether that is in the form of a sequel, a product line extension or through merchandising, whatever the case may be, that’s something that we’re going to stick with. Whether you're talking about [publishing games on] mobile or the DS." Kim concluded, however, "You probably won't see it on the PSP, though."
I like the last line especially. PSP sucks. Granted she did say probably.