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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo Wii Gets Guitar Hero

Hey this sounds pretty awesome.... Gamers roared, cheered and put their fists in the air when Activision announced that Guitar Hero II would be coming to the Xbox 360. Well it’s time to rock again. During today’s financial conference call with Activision, Activision President and CEO Mike Griffith let out on when we could be shredding a guitar after the Xbox 360. More importantly, on what platform we’d be doing it on. The rumors can now end, Guitar Hero is coming to the Nintendo Wii during Activision’s 2008 fiscal year (April 07 – March 08). Similar to just about every other publisher out there, the large success of the Nintendo Wii is prompting Activision to increase their support for the console. They have already brought their popular Call of Duty and Tony Hawk franchises to the system and bringing their new Guitar Hero game is the next logical step. Mike Griffith stated, “In fiscal 2008, we will double our offerings on the DS and the Wii, including Spider-Man, Shrek, Transformers, and Guitar Hero." Considering this is the first we’ve heard from Activision concerning the franchise coming to Nintendo’s console, absolutely nothing else can be confirmed at this point. How the publisher will utilize the Wii remote and/or nunchuck attachment is completely up in the air. Of course there are two obvious ways of shredding air with Wii: a guitar attachment to the Wii remote or utilizing the nunchuck for your own personnel air guitar. Keep checking back at The Game Feed for more on the reinvention of an already innovative franchise.

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Great now I only need to buy one new system instead of two...hopping for a wireless controller!



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

Hope the Drum Villain is coming to Wii, it could be great with the Wii control system...