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Forums - Sales Discussion - Norway alltime sales (PS2 number 1)

This is the total amount of video game consoles sold in the norwegian market as of December 31th 2006: PS2 549 192 Ps1 341 862 PSP 71 297 Gameboy Advance 186 689 Gamecube 46 789 Nintendo DS 57 142 Nintendo Wii 7 911 Nintendo 64 140 017 Xbox ? Xbox 360 ?

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I'm sorry, where did u get these numbers? I know every region/country is different. But, I cannot see the ps1 and N64 selling over 100 000 units in any one region in the world in 2006. Plus, in every region i have seen the DS has been top dog for 2006, yet this places it very low comparitivly speeking. EDIT: Nevermind I see you are referring to all time vs just 2006.

Thanks for the numbers, it's not commun to have such "exotic" numbers Good job!

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