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Forums - Gaming Discussion - European game drought for wii till march.

I was wondering which games you guys have bought lately for the wii. I just finished red steel which I bought after completing zelda tp but didn't found red steel to be all that much.A simple shooter with a rather unappealing story to it. One game I'm waiting for is dragon ball z for the wii.Not that I'm a hardcore dbz fan but doing those kamehameha's with the wiimote seems lot's of fun, especially if you play against a friend. Another fighting game I'm waiting for is Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and it's for the same reason, doing custom fatatilies and special combat moves with simple gestures rather than complex button combinations seems very cool to me. Some other games I haven't played are tony hawk's downhill jam and need for speed carbon. But they don't look very appealing to me and I read the controls aren't that good for nfs on the wii. And tony hawk seems more of a downhill racegame (similar to ssx) compared to the other versions where the focus was more on doing tricks and cool combo's. Two other games, I really liked but don't get that much playtime any more are rayman and warioware smooth moves. Doing the dancing and shooting those rabbits was fun but wasn't very sustainable for longtime play so what am I to play as a nintendo wii fan. There are others available here in europe like cars and marvel ultimate alliance and I played splinter cell for wii which is very very hard to get the controls right and isn't that much fun if you compare the pc version or xbox version. I'm also rather a bit disappointed in nintendo, they didn't had mario ready for the release as you would expect with a brandnew nintendo console but at least we got a zelda which is worth a lot of gameplay. Other games I'm looking forward to are heatseeker (air fighter), definitely the godfather blackhand (first gta-like for wii) and maybe paper mario. We're not going to have any major game releases in februari but some nice games are set for march/april like dbz,mortal kombat, paper mario and the godfather. What will be your favorite, Mine is going to be the godfather for sure. Can't wait to headbutt those folks around although mortal kombat will get a nice amount playtime too as you can customize your characters and lot's of characters are available. As we can conclude it's only a small drought and the sea of wii games will start to refill itself as of march and maybe if we're lucky we'll see some online light shine onto the wii soon.

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What about wii play or Sonic? Wii play looks great for groups. The tank battle especially. And Sonic looks like the first good sonic games since the genesis.

There have been good Sonic games since the Genesis. All of the handheld iterations of the game consistently high scores from all major gaming publications. Just try out Sonic Rush on the DS. Fortunately, I don't live in Europe, so game droughts are less severe for me. I am looking forward to Mortal Kombat, Medal of Honor Vanguard, and Mario Party 8.