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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wii demo-channel is coming! Someone from Nintendo of Europe revealed, that demos are on the way and would be save-able on 512 mb flash memory as well as on SD Cards.

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All I want is 6 to 8 playable characters and a level or two in Super Smash Brothers. You hear me Flying Spag Monster?

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Nintendo should have put a hard disk drive inside of the Wii for storage. Oh well, I'll just pick up a 1GB SD Card for my Wii soon.

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I think it was a good choice to skip the harddrive for cost reasons, but I wouldn't be suprised is we eventually see a future iteration of the console designed to work with third party hard drives.

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It wouldn't require that much work to make the system compatible with USB hard drives, as well as flash drives - even if its just a "cache" for the actual system memory. Hopefully we'll see this in the future.

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Reggie already said that there will be USB external hardrive support eventually. It really make sense.

Nintendo is gradually rolling out things, and exposing value that the system never had initally. Sony tried to push it all out the door at once. Consumers can only accept so much being thrown at them at once. Look at Apple and how the iPod has grown to what it is today. Now look at the Zune... The average consumer looks at something that does everything and asks "How do I use it?". The minute the conversation goes beyond "You plug it in and turn it on" they have lost interest. Nintendo will win this generation because they are selling to the average consumer. Not the technofiles that lurk in these forum pages.

Ooooh, Demo Channel. I actually am looking forward to this, you know why? Because you won't have to go to Wal-Mart or your nearest GameStop or EBGames to play the Wii demos. Also, Nintendo has it easy for them, they spend $150 U.S Dollars for each Wii, which is like a $100 profit right there on the spot.