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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Bungie Halo 2001 Home Movies - Marty O'Donnell

The legend himself dropped a video late yesterday of a collection of home videos he made throughout 2001. Starting from when Bungie moved into their new office in Washington state, to the Xbox/Halo launch, to the first LAN party he hosted at his home. 

Made me reminisce on my original Halo experience. I wanted a PS2 but they were always sold out. So my cousin sold me (my mom) her Xbox because she wasn't into the games and she had just bought a GameCube. She gave me Fusion Frenzy, Project Gotham Racing, Dead or Alive 3, and Halo: Combat Evolved. 

My mom wasn't a fan of Dead or Alive 3 but even more so Halo I freaking loved Halo so much that I would get up in the middle of the night and play the game muted so she wouldn't wake up. But once my classmates started talking about Halo at school and I mentioned I had the game, one of them invited me to his house for a LAN party. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about lol. All he told me was to bring the game (which I hid in my backpack when my mom took me to his house) and my Xbox. There was like 10 kids there. Had the pizza, soda, and there were 2 Xbox's setup. I set mine up in another room. Once we all started playing together, I swear I was in heaven! I couldn't believe what I was experiencing! We gamed for like 10 hours straight since it started in the morning one Saturday. I felt cool as hell playing on maps called Blood Gulch and Hang Em High and that one map that had like 20 portals in it lol. 

Memories like that will never be forgotten and I thank Marty for uploading this video. It belongs in a museum! Back when Bungie was a small team of nerds just trying to make the best game possible, and god damn they succeeded! 

Feel free to reminisce and share your first Halo memories

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