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Forums - General Discussion - Want you guys to study facial features test Aztecs vs spainards

Reason I'm focused on the aztec vs spain side is because my DNA revealed I have Aztec genes besides the Limperia indian from Honduras

Lets look at Montezuma and the Aztecs this is aztec eyes and the fat on cheek bones their eyes are not asian though his eyes look like my dads brother too much and dad brother fat oval shape too though the skin is not to brown my dad is brown but looks more asian abit but my grandma from dad side looks more asian than my dad

Aztec Warrior eagle , brown skin and strong face his eye are not asian nor european

When the spaniards came to america they wrote all indegenous were brown though they havent gone deeper in Honduras or other Central American jungles

Heres a spainard bullfighter he looks mexican in a way though can tell his facial features are stronger than most mexicans

Heres spain Rafael Nadel from 2006 dont worry thats a smile when hes not smiling next one

K lets look at the rest of the aztecs I'm not gonna focus on modern aztecs too much aka nihault because google gives me randoms  and mestizos that are half anything partake in those traditions even chinese / nihault or african / nihualt so i'll ignore most modern nihault the modern aztec, ancient aztecs have those eyes and features It'll be hard finding a pure blooded nihault like my DNA . Will update more. They dont have Siberian eyes or chinese eyesbut they have empowered warrior eyes different from even phillipinos it looks not like asian nor european its something else. 

This is george lopez I think he's Mestizo half European half Indegenous? he looks more Indegenous no mestizos dont have asian eyes or light skin few of them have lighter skin like canelo but they dont have asian eyes

The boxer Marquez who ko'd Pacquiao look at this amazing man no he has no asian eyes or light skin but he was born in Mexico City the place where the aztec empire lived. He's more aztec than the other mexican states more than Canelo to since canelo from Guadalajara but I think he's mestizo but more Indegenous.

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These 2 Indegenous mexican roast the mixed race mestizos. also these indegenous mexicans dont have asian eyes they dont but are proud indegenous are marquez the boxer in the eyes not like pacquiao in the eye

Mestizo's light skinned and white mexicans are cowards for( brown facing aka black face of indegenous people) being racist to indegenous video below 

No yalitza does not have pacquiao eyes she has different eyes why is it that latinos can tell latinos but whites think few latinos are asian? Thats why they are bad at telling other races in america.

I wrote this

Nahua aka aztec population is 2 million and maya is 1 . 5 million and we have other indigenous races totaling 16 million indigenous many tribes in Mexico , they are tired of the mixing and stuff , Aguatec is about to extinct in Mexico only 60 people ever if they never get a Mestizo as a lover or another race?
 save the last Aguatec tribe from going extinct in mexico dont mix with this unique tribe