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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Indie Fighting Games will sell below 200,000

As I highly adore Melty Blood type Lumia selling 270,000 in 6 months and is more polished and has amazing music , It being hyped up to the moon before launch was nice great . French Bread ain't Indie though . Now on topic several forgettable fighting games came out on Nintendo Switch I never downloaded them and neither did I download Fighting EX layer Dash because it's a deader game than Phantom Breaker Omnia on Switch. which I actually bought.

Games noone cares list already released last year or few years later and few hyped it up to the moon but got obliterated weak launch and weak overall sales aka Fighting EX layer dash for Switch comes to mind .

- Two Stikes (released 2021) on Switch

-Blade Strangers (released2018) on Switch

- Roof Rage (released 2019) on Switch

- Pocket Rumble (released 2016) on Switch

- Fights and Jokes (released this year) on Switch never heard of it 

- Fight of Animals (released 2020) on Switch

- Metal Rovolution (released 2021) on mobile and Steam

- Fighting EX layer Dash (released 2021) On Switch this game got talked avout lesser than and played lesser than Phantom Breaker Omnia. FIghting Ex layer is the biggest train wreck I've ever seen from Arika I have a feeling Phantom Breaker Omnia will pass it sooner. Yes I'm still playing Phantom Breaker Omnia.

- Chaos Code new Sign (released 2020) on Switch 

- Cyber Fight (released this year) very generic :(

- Shadow Fight 2 (released 2018) on Switch

- SNK heroines (released 2018) on Switch

upcoming fighting games I think that aren't closer to even Blade Strangers/Fighting Ex layer etc

- Sclash ? never heard of it ?

- Pocket Bravery I forgot about this game ( It won't outsell Undernight inbirth on Switch thats for certain)

- Blazing Strike after following this game updates many people complained about the sound and Nausiating movement and many other things. Well it'll perform worser than the beloved Undernight .

one game will probably have a certain success? 

- 5 Force Fighters might actually do good? Comments for this indie have been great It's a game with African American fighters are the Protagonist , This might be the first Fighting game ever to have Black character in a lead role these developers care so much they are trying so hard for the first African lead fighting game IDk if it'll sell over 200,000? But It has to beat Phantom Breaker Omnia and ( 5 Force Fighters might take 1 year to sell over 270,000 on Melty Blood sales which it did in 6 months , I predict Melty Blood will reach 500,000 in 1 year and few months total .

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

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Every other upcoming 2D fighting game gonna fail , Though I'll give Pocket Bravery another chance to break through like 5 force fighters but they have to really do their own thing check 5 force fighters is doing they are adding alot not just characters , I can't post 3 times a row because I'll get a warning for spam.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

I'm gonna have to check some of these out.

Depending on the budget of the game 200k for an indie game would be a huge success financially.

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