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Forums - Sony Discussion - Astrobot Network Speedrun

Has anyone else tried the network speedrun challenges on Astrobot?

This was my first foray into speedrun challenges - it's been so much fun and addictive.

There are 8 levels to compete in.  The first 4 are pretty straight forward race to the finish line, and the last 4 are more skill based with climbing, jet packing, bouncing and rolling.

It also tracks your total time for all 8 stages - with getting under 7 minutes part of the requirement to get the platinum.

Been watching videos on YouTube for some tips and tricks that have really helped.

I've somehow managed to crack the top 3500 worldwide, and am about to break the 5 minute total time mark.

Hoping Team Asobi releases more levels as DLC, but might have to wait for a sequel.  

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Got my PSVR fixed yesterday so can hopefully start this soon. The speed run challenges sound fun.