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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Arc systems is doing a terrible job selling their games

I really wanted to play Fighting ex layer and King of fighter 14. But im a xbox player. Snk and Arc sys should put theirs games in gamepass and swicht.
Fughting games are niche. They need to release this games in all platforms.

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Sometimes its not that they failed to sell their games, but rather being somewhat unappealing

Fighting EX Layer just looks so unappealing as if it was a SF IV clone in looks, compared to Guilty Gear & Dragon Ball Fighter Z which both sold gangbusters for the use to unique 2.5D animations

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dx11332sega said:

Well tbf, the game sales figures are way undertracked in VGcharts (GTA V on PS4 is still under 20M since 2014 ?!?! Despite still being on top 15 to this day)

not to mention the lack of PC/Steam sales figures, which btw increased considerably for GG Xrd after Fighter Z reveal in 2017

They need to make a new Sailor Moon Fighting Game and yes it is true.