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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation Wrap-Up 2020


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As for my self - I spent most of my time playing co-op with my 8 year old son:

Total No. of Games Played:  85

Top 3 Games:

  • Minecraft 266 hours
  • Lego Worlds 155 hours
  • Lego City Undercover 113 hours

Top Genre - Action Adventure 881 hours

Total Hours Played - 1545

Total Days Played - 294

Total Trophies Earned - 243

Some other interesting PlayStation facts shown:

  • There were 834 million enemies killed in Ghost of Tsushima
  • People spent over 200 million hours playing The Last of Us: Part II

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Total games played: 5

1. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - 78 hours (almost done with Hard mode)
2. THE LAST OF US PART II - 15 hours (I need to go back to it and finish it)
3. RESIDENT EVIL 3 - 9 hours (One playthrough, didn't touch the multiplayer)

Total hours of gameplay in 2020: 133 hours

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Number of games played: 14

Total hours of gameplay in 2020: 493

Days played in 2020: 166

I'm not quite sure how it differentiates between hours locally and online? Because shouldn't the fact that I have over 53 hours in Battlefront 2 alone, and that was all purely online, mean it should be higher?

34 games played in 2020

Top games are:

Days Gone/ 133 hours
Horizon: Zero Dawn/ 126 hours
Ghost of Tsushima/ 118 hours

Hours played: 2953 hours.

Days played: 207 days.

Total trophies earned: 668 trophies

10 platinums
37 gold
128 silver
493 bronze

Top genre: Action Adventure.

2020 was definitely a highlight year for me in gaming being the peak year on PS4 along with 2010 being the peak year on PS3.