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Forums - Sony Discussion - Granblue Fantasy ReLink will release in 2022, now crossgen PS4/PS5

Granblue Fantasy ReLink, the Action RPG that began development as a Platinum Games and Cygames collaboration in 2016, then got transferred fully to Cygames in early 2019, then disappeared for nearly 2 years, has finally resurfaced. Cygames has announced a planned 2022 release on both PS4 and PS5, with crossplay.

The director admitted that the game was announced too early and should have been announced Summer 2021. He also said that the engine is now finished as of August.

New gameplay for the game was also released, which you can find here:

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Looking forward

Niceee I’ve been looking forward to this one for a very long time

That's one hell of a developpement cycle there, but it is true. It certainly suffered due to the early announcement and change of studio hands. Still, going with a 2022 window while entirely fair is .... quite a freaking long time but I'm entirely supportive of it if it at least means a good dev schedule :)

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Well it's not like PS5 needs any more exclusives next year.
But yeah, further off than expected.

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Look forward to it. Not sure which version to get yet.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Crossgen title for 2022 sounds crazy, but sounds like the last gen will last a bit longer which is good.


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Was this the game people thought would make the PS4 popular in Japan?

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Jranation said:

Was this the game people thought would make the PS4 popular in Japan?

It was used in some list wars from 2017-2018 from what I remember but I wonder now if the mobile game has the same appeal today as it did back then with the multiplication of gacha based games such as FE Heroes, Fate Grand Order, Genshin Impact, etc ...

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Well, nice to finally know something about this game, I was anticipating it back when it was announced but the lack of news had killed my hype. It now being cross gen is not surprising, though I'll most probably be getting it on PS4 (provided the game ends up being actually good), since I highly doubt I'll have a PS5 by that time. Also, seems they are using that money from the mobile gacha game pretty well :P