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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony Celebrates The Tokyo Games Show With Announcements / Trailers &more

Sony celebrates the Tokyo Games Show with many japanese Games-Announcements and Trailers. There was a lot to see at the press conference in Tokyo, but interesting things were also released before that.

New Trailers: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Death Stranding, Yakuza 7, Persona 5 Royal, Ni-Oh 2, Project Sakura Wars, many anime games (Dragon Ball Z, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, One Punch Man ...), Code Vein ect. New games = Project Resistance(Resident Evil xD), Fairy Tail, Yo-kai Watch 4, Gungrave GORE, Gundam-Title, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV and more. There were also release dates to Ni-Oh2, Star Ocean, DBZ..

And Big in Japan Sale (in PlayStationStore), now! For the next days:

I have no time, currently. You can post your highlights or new favorite trailers, please.

Then we have a great overview :)

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer:
Death Stranding - Briefing:
Yakuza 7(2020 in usa/europe):
new DBZ pre order Trailer:
Yo-kai Watch 4:
Kingdom Hearts 3 dlc:

New Sakura Wars, 2020 in the west:

Persona 5 Royal, first 2020-quarter in the west:
other japanese videos:

After "Death Stranding, Medievil Remake, Shenmue 3 and Concrete Genie" in this oktober-december, the first 2020-quarter is very impressive in the west: FF7Remake in March, Cyberpunk in April, DBZ-RPG in January, Ni-Oh 2, next WD and Persona 5 Royal in the first 2020-quarter, maybe The Last of Us 2 in february-april. Whooohoo

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Yeah that's like all the E3 and gamescom news, gameplay trailer combined . Sony are chilled with the announcement, is like they controlling the hype and the market.

Yo-kai Watch 4... on PS4?

Good games even though we already knew about almost all of them.

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Ahhh thanks. Often miss these sales. Was interested in three "7's" Resident Evil 7, Tekken 7, and Ace Combat 7. Then I realized Tekken 7 and Ace Combat are RIDDLED with dlc, season passes, ect. Gross. Might finally get RE7. Price is very lovely.

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JRPGfan said:
Yo-kai Watch 4... on PS4?

Would have been big news a few years ago if Yo-kai was coming to PS. Now the franchise is dead basically. 

JRPGfan said:
Yo-kai Watch 4... on PS4?

sure. makes sense.

pretty dumb of lvl 5 to not have done this in the first place considering inazuma 11 will be on ps4 day 1.

not like it matters. ip is practically dead at this point.

JRPGfan said:
Yo-kai Watch 4... on PS4?

Yes, its really true :)

What are the chances they do a collection pack with Yo-Kai 1,2,3 for the PS4?
It would make sense since their doing the 4th game right?

I wouldnt mind seeing these 3ds games upscaled, and with maybe slightly touched up textures.